Technical Support Resources – Students (Blackboard)

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What do I need to do to get started?

Your course is entirely through Blackboard. You will only need to access the Connect for Education (C4E) site for your initial registration.

Blackboard students will need to:

  1. Purchase a new, unused Registration Code from the campus bookstore or an Access Key from C4E.
  2. Register the code with C4E or enter the key in Blackboard.

    Campus bookstore: Register the Registration Code on C4E for your Blackboard Access Key.a

    C4E store: No additional registration is necessary on the C4E site. You will enter the Access Key in Blackboard.

  3. Log into your course at the school’s Blackboard website. Select your course from your Course List. Enter the Access Key when prompted to access the course material.

You may also view our Quick Setup Guide for further assistance with registration.

What’s the difference between the Registration Code and Access Key?

Registration Code/Voucher: The Registration Code is a 15-character voucher containing no user information. This is bought from your school bookstore. It must be registered with Connect for Education prior to receiving your Blackboard Access Key to unlock the course content in Blackboard.

Blackboard Access Key: The Blackboard Access Key is a 10-character code that is needed to unlock the course content in Blackboard. All the necessary information (your name, school, semester, instructor) is already attached to this key.

The end result of your registration, regardless of where you purchase your code, is to get your Blackboard Access Key for your Blackboard course.

Which code do I need to purchase for my class?

Check with your instructor first to verify what you need for your course. You may also contact Support; they will be able to check for you.

Currently, the only Blackboard materials that Connect for Education offers are:

OnMusic Appreciation, Standard for Blackboard [C4E Store]
OnMusic Appreciation, Extended for Blackboard [C4E Store]
OnMusic Jazz, Second Edition for Blackboard [C4E Store]

Please make sure you purchase the correct Blackboard Registration Code for your course.
Note that the product you need will say OnMusic and for Blackboard on it.

Access Code Used / Invalid Code / Contact Publisher

Access Code Used: If you are receiving this message, check your email for your Blackboard Access Key. If you do not see this email, contact for further assistance.

Invalid Code / Contact Publisher: If you are receiving this message, make sure you have purchased the correct code for your course and are entering it into the correct site:

  • If you purchased the code from the campus bookstore, first register your Registration Code at You will then receive your Blackboard Access Key (check your email as well).
  • If you purchased the code directly from Connect for Education, no registration is necessary on the C4E site. Log into Blackboard and select your music course. When you try to access the content for the first time, you will be prompted to enter in your Access Key.

Where do I access the course material?

All of your coursework is on Blackboard. You will not need to access the Connect for Education website for any material.

By default, all of the course material can be found under Course Documents. Your instructor has the ability to customize the course layout in Blackboard, so if you are not sure where the coursework is located, please contact him/her.

How do I submit written assignments on Blackboard?

On the Assignment page, click on the second header at the top. This is the assignment name (i.e. “Identify Musical Ideas”). There is an icon before this header (this icon may differ from the image shown below).

After clicking on the assignment name, you will be taken to the Submission page. The original assignment prompt will appear at the top. The text box where you can copy and paste your response will be below.

You may view a step-by-step guide for submitting written assignments on Blackboard.

I’m having trouble loading the audio in my course.

Please make sure your computer meets the software and hardware requirements for your course.

You may encounter issues using Internet Explorer 9, in which case you’ll want to switch the Document and Browser Mode to Internet Explorer 8. To do this in Internet Explorer 9, select F12 Developer Tools from “Tools” or by clicking the Gear icon. The Browser Mode/Document Mode options will appear at the bottom of the window.

If you still cannot play or hear the audio:

Recent security related updates to many of the popular web browsers have resulted in some course content being ‘blocked’ (i.e. the audio pieces). Please refer to the instructions below for help with unblocking this material.

Note: Some browsers may redirect you to the course home page once these security adjustments are made. Additionally, for many of the browsers, these steps must be performed each time you access the course site or after long periods of use.

Once the course page loads, click on the Shield symbol that appears on the left of the address bar. Click the downward arrow to the right of the ‘Keep Blocking’ and select ‘Disable Protection on this Page’. The page will reload and you should be able to hear the audio. Please note that this will not disable security for other windows/tabs opened within Firefox or any other browser.

Internet Explorer
Select ‘Tools’ and select ‘Internet Options’. Under the Security tab click on the ‘Custom level…’ button. Find the ‘Display mixed content’ option (under the Miscellaneous section) and make sure the PROMPT is selected (Prompt-ON) or you can choose Enable (Enable-ON). Then, click OK. If you’re using the Prompt selection, you’ll see a message appear below the address bar which you can click on to unblock the content.

Google Chrome
Once the course page loads, click the shield symbol to the right of the address bar and select ‘Load unsafe script’.

Once the course page loads, click the player to maximize it. This will allow course audio to play.

I purchased the wrong code. What do I do?

If you purchased your code directly from Connect for Education, you can contact or by phone at (703) 880-1180 x111. Please have your Order Number ready.

If you purchased your code from another vendor (i.e. school bookstore), you will need to contact them directly.

What software do I need for my course?

PC Users Mac Users
Flash Player Flash Player
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Safari or Mozilla Firefox
PC Users Mac Users
Spotify or Rhapsody Spotify or Rhapsody
Flash Player Flash Player
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Safari or Mozilla Firefox

Contacting Support

If you are encountering technical issues with the Blackboard website, please contact your school’s Blackboard Technical Support.

If you are having trouble with registration and/or the contents of the course (i.e. audio), please contact us. Connect for Education Support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time.

Phone: (703) 880-1180 x200

When you send an email to Support, you will receive a copy of your email and a Ticket number. This lets you know that your email was received. Responses from the Connect for Education Support Team will appear below the original email in the Ticket displayed. Responses from Support will appear in a Blue box. Your responses will appear in a Yellow box.

All email inquiries are responded to within 24 hours during support hours. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please send another email or call.