Spotify Settings

Spotify Settings:

You can control your Spotify® settings so that your activity is not shared on Facebook.

Please follow the directions below to edit these settings:

  1. Open the Spotify® webplayer ( and log into your Spotify® account.
  2. Select Settings (cogwheel in lower left hand corner).

The  options below allow you to determine whether or not you share the music you listen to with Facebook and/or Spotify® users. If you would rather not share your activity on Facebook, do not click the CONNECT button to connect your Facebook account to your Spotify® account. If your Facebook account has already been connected to Spotify®, simply uncheck the option to disable the sharing. For the remaining settings, simply uncheck the options to prevent sharing.


Please Note: If a check mark is green, it means the setting is active.

You may also choose to set your Spotify web session to Private to avoid sharing or publishing your music. Please note that this setting will have to be selected each time you access Spotify®.