Several of the Connect4Education Music courses utilitze Spotify® to stream all or some of the course audio. Spotify® is a free music streaming service which provides you with instant access to millions of songs. It can be installed on your device safely and easily.

Courses Requiring Spotify®:

  • OnMusic Rock
  • OnAmerican Popular Music
  • OnMusic Jazz
  • OnMusic of the World

Installing/Testing Spotify®:

  • Click the following link to download/install Spotify®: Download Spotify®
  • Click the following link to verify that Spotify® works on your computer: Test Spotify®

If the above audio link does not play for you, please re-install Spotify® and try again.

Troubleshooting Difficulties Playing Spotify® Audio:

Are you having difficulties playing the Spotify® audio tracks within your course?

Some Instructors and students have reported difficulty playing course audio through the Spotify® web player. If you are affected by this issue, we recommend installing Spotify®’s free desktop application onto your computer. Click HERE to proceed with this installation.

Once the desktop application is installed on your computer, all Spotify® links within your course should play through the Spotify® desktop application. If the Spotify® web player still loads when you click an audio within your course, please follow the instructions below to enable the Spotify® desktop application:

  1. Access the Spotify® Web Player:
  2. When the Spotify® web player window opens, click on the cog wheel symbol spotify_cogwheel in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Click the checkmark to “Play URLs in desktop app” (once enabled, the checkmark will become green).

Spotify® accounts that were created recently may be configured differently than older accounts resulting in you being unable to adjust your account settings in the manner suggested above. This difference in account configuration can be confirmed if your browser redirects you to when you attempt to navigate to after you are logged into your account. In this case, follow the steps below to configure your account to play Spotify® links from the Spotify® desktop application:

  1. Access the Spotify® Desktop Application on your computer. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Click the downward arrow to the right of your account username in the upper right corner of the application and select the Settings option.
  3. From within your account settings, click the button to Show Advanced Settings button at the bottom of the page.  spotify_show_advanced
  4. In the section for Startup and Window Behavior, be sure that the “Allow Spotify to be opened from the web” is togged off. The button will remain gray when toggled off.    spotify_no_web

If you continue to have difficulties playing audio within your course, please contact the Connect4Education Technical Support Team for further assistance:

Broken/Incorrect Audio Links:

Music streaming services such as Spotify® regularly add, remove, and change their audio links. Connect4Education performs frequent quality assurance testing to ensure our audio links remain accurate and functional. If, by chance, you encounter a Spotify® link that is no longer functional or plays the incorrect audio piece, please email our technical support team at and we will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Adjusting Spotify® Privacy Settings:

To adjust your privacy settings in Spotify® or Facebook, please select the links below:

Spotify® | Facebook

Spotify® Availability:

Spotify® is available in the United States and other select countries. For a list of countries where Spotify® is currently available, please click here.