Removing Quiz Questions

Removing Quiz Questions in Blackboard

How to Remove a Quiz Question in Blackboard

    1. Under Class Management section, select the Class Tools menu and click “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”.

    2. Click Pools.

    3. Click the downward arrow next to the name of the pool and click “Edit”.

  1. Check mark the question and click Delete.


When removing a quiz question, keep in mind that you are impacting the total number of questions in the associated pool. If the quiz requires 10 questions to be completed and the pool consists of only 10 questions, the removal of a question will result in an insufficient number of questions for the quiz. In this case, another quiz question would need to be created and added to the associated pool to avoid any negative impact to the quiz. Alternative solutions include editing the question so that it does not need to be removed or adjusting the total number of questions required for the quiz.