Quick Setup Guide

OnMusic Appreciation 3rd Edition (BlackBoard)
Instructor Quick Setup Guide

Step 1: Install the Course Cartridge

For details on how to install the course cartridge click here.

Step 2: Access the Course and Add Students to Roster/Class

Accessing The Course

  1. Access your BlackBoard Login page and log into your account.
  2. Click the “Courses” tab and click your course under the “Course List” section.

Add Students to Roster/Class

Your school may have already added your students to your course. To verify if students have been enrolled in your course, please go to your Control Panel. Click Gradebook or Full Grade Center. If you see your students, you are done. If you do not see your students listed, you will need to add your students. For specific procedures on how to add your students, please contact your school’s Blackboard support team or go to your Control Panel, click Users and Groups, and click Users.