OMA Written Assignments 1 and 3

OnMusic Appreciation 3rd Edition (BlackBoard)

Correcting Audio for Assignments 1 & 3

Steps to Correct Audio for Assignments 1 & 3

    1. Right-click each link below and select “Save Link As or Save As” to save the file. We recommend you save the files to your desktop.
    2. Open assignment_1.txt using Notepad (Windows users) or Firefox (Mac users).
    3. Select all of the html code text and copy the text.
    4. Log into your Blackboard course and turn the Edit Mode to ON. Edit Mode is at the top right of your screen.
    5. Click Class Documents.
    6. Click “Section 1: Basic Musical Concepts”, “Class 1: Unity and Variety; The Performer’s Role”, and “Assignment #1: Identify Music Ideas” folder.
    7. Next to the assignment title click the downward arrow and select Edit. Make sure you don’t edit the Content Folder title. See sample image below.


  1. Scroll down to the Instructions area. Delete all of the text in the instructions box.
  2. Click the “HTML Code View” icon to allow you toggle into the HTML view. See sample images below.
  3. Then paste your copied text from Notepad (Windows users) or Firefox (Mac users) to the Blackboard assignment instructions textbox.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. After you update the assignment please test the written assignment audio link. You may need to exit your web browser and then log back into the course.Note: Internet Explorer and Chrome browser users may get a prompt regarding “unsecure content”. If prompted with a warning, please have them click “yes” to allow the content to load.
  6. For Assignment #3, please repeat steps 2-12. Assignment #3 can be found at “Class Documents”, “Class 3: Types of Listeners”.