Transition to Digital – College Teaching and Learning Grants

Teaching and Learning Grant

Connect for Education (C4E) is pleased to offer grants of up to $5,000 to colleges/universities who use our web-based textbooks (webtexts) for their face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses. The study will focus on the use of C4E’s digital and online courseware/textbook solutions and platform, and the issues facing faculty and students in the transition away from traditional printed textbooks. Primarily through anonymous survey data, the study will focus on several areas, including student engagement and performance, course completion rates, instructor course preparation, grading and management issues, instructor and student behaviors, and usage patterns relating to technology. Working in conjunction with C4E, participating schools/professors will have the opportunity to incorporate their own research objectives related to these topics.

Connect For Education is a full service academic publisher with over 15 years experience developing webtexts, and supporting instructors and students in the use of online courseware/textbook solutions. Over 97% of students and instructors rate our content and service as ‘exceptional.’ Learn more about our webtexts here. And see our Adoption FAQ here.

Connect For Education Grant Program Details and Application Form

Applications must be received by 5pm EST, May 26, 2017. Must use a C4E webtext from the following:

Gen Ed


All courses will run on our latest, cutting-edge learning platform C4Elink: Welcome to C4Elink! from Connect4Education on Vimeo.

  1. For full award, participating institution must guarantee that a minimum of 250 students will use C4E as the primary course material/textbook before Dec 31, 2018 (or end of 2018 fall semester). C4E will award smaller grants for lower enrollments.
  2. Schools or Institutions can use multiple courses or sections to reach enrollment minimums.
  3. Must administer and collect C4E-provided student and instructor surveys at specified times during the course. We welcome input from faculty in order that surveys align with any internal research goals.
  4. Research results will be will be made available to hosting institution, and published under an open license agreement. C4E will publish collected data on its website (white papers, case studies, etc.). Student data will be kept private.
  5. Institution must allow C4E to use collected results as part of promotional marketing materials, whitepapers, and communication with existing and potential clients.
  6. Must provide anonymized student performance control data from previous (no less than two) semesters including retention, course completion, and pass/fail scores where non-C4E materials were used, or run parallel courses using non-C4E course materials. C4E will work with participating institutions to identify comparable student set(s) from past student populations. This data will be compared with the same parameters in courses that use C4E webtexts.
  7. Students that participate in the study will receive up to a 25% discount on the price of the C4E webtexts. Students can purchase webtexts directly through C4E or through bookstore (access cards). We will offer the same discount to the bookstore.
  8. C4E will handle course setup and provide support (to students and faculty) for all qualifying courses, at no charge.
  9. C4E will provide cost-free orientation on the use of webtexts and C4E’s learning platform to participating instructors if requested. Orientation sessions may be conducted either via webinar or in person. Instructor orientation is usually not necessary, but we are happy to provide them.
  10. C4E will assist with reasonable travel costs and conference fees for participants whose presentation proposals (based on this program) are accepted at North American academic conferences in the field. Details to be arranged.
  11. Grants will be paid in 3 installments: at inception (25%), at midpoint ($25%), and at the completion (50%) of the program.
  12. You must immediately notify C4E if any or all grant participants do not meet the grant requirements or drop out at any point during the program, in which case the full grant amount paid to your institution must be repaid in full within 30 days of notifying C4E of your withdrawal.
  13. C4E webtexts are online-only and require that students have regular access to the internet to utilize course materials.

To be considered for the program, submit a proposal to Connect For Education using the form below by May 26, 2017. Institutions interested in the grant program will be assessed based on the following:

  1. Alignment of student and instructor academic and research objectives with C4E’s grant program and web-based courseware design.
  2. Ability to effectively implement the program, and capture meaningful data and feedback.
  3. Overall commitment to the pilot program.

Grant winners will be notified by May 22, 2017. For additional information, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the grant program or give you access to a C4E webtext for your review.