Installing Course Cartridge

How to Install Your Course Cartridge

Creating the Course Shell

Before installing your course cartridge key, you will need to create a course shell.

Each course taught within Blackboard must have its own course shell. If you have not created the shell(s) for your course(s), you can create one by using Blackboard’s Course Creation Wizard.

Please follow the steps below to create your course shell(s):

    • Access your Blackboard system and log in using your instructor account.
    • Launch the Course Creation Wizard and follow the step by step instructions to create the course shell.(Note: The first 2 steps are required. The remaining 4 steps are options.

Course Creation Wizard

      • STEP 1: Enter the Course Name, Course ID, and Course Description

Course Creation Wizard Step 1

      • STEP 2: Select the ‘Create a New Course’ option and click Next. (The cartridge will be imported later in the process.)

Course Creation Wizard Step 2

    • STEP 3 and 4: These are optional steps that allow you to customize the look and feel of your course.
    • STEP 5 and 6: These steps will allow you to set the duration of the course (availability) as well as the enrollment dates.
  • Once you are finished, click the ‘Save and Exit’ button on the Wizard to complete the course creation.
    NOTE: The cartridge should not be imported using the Wizard. It is imported once the empty course shell has been created

Importing Your Course Cartridge

If this is the first time you are teaching the OnMusic Blackboard course, you will need a course cartridge download key. Please contact Sales at if you do not already have a key. (Note: Before installing your course cartridge key, you will need to create a course shell as per the steps above.)

Once you have created the course shell(s) and have received your course cartridge download key, you will need to import your course cartridge.

To import the course cartridge, please follow the steps below:

    1. Access your Blackboard music course.
    2. Access the Control Panel.
    3. Click Packages and Utilities.
    4. Click Import Course Cartridge.

Control Panel Import Cartridge

    1. Enter your course cartridge download key and click Submit. Within 5 to 10 minutes, the course content will be displayed within the Course Documents area of the course.

Control Panel Import Cartridge

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: After you have successfully imported the cartridge into your course, we highly recommend you keep this course as your master/backup course. Do not make any modifications to this course. Instead, create a copy of the course and then make your modification to the copy of the ‘master’ course. For instructions on how to create a copy of your course, please access How to Copy Your Course Cartridge. Once your course has been copied or ‘backed-up’, you can then proceed with modifications to the copy of the ‘master’ course.

Teaching More Than One Section of the Course (Multiple Sections)

If you are teaching more than one section of the course, you will need one course shell per section. (To create a course shell, please refer to the instructions (above) on how to create a course shell using the Blackboard Course Creation Wizard.

The first section will be created using the course cartridge download key. Any additional sections will be created by copying the first section and will NOT require a download key. We highly recommend that you configure the first section completely (exactly how you want it) before you copy it. Refer to How to Copy Your Course Cartridge for more details on this process.