UPenn Vet School Partnership

PennVet CE

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine have partnered with Connect For Education in the development of a canine web portal for dog owners and veterinarians. Development is underway through a close collaboration agreement that brings together the world-renowned PennVet expertise in vet medicine and Connect for Education’s 15+ years in developing, hosting and supporting exceptional online teaching and learning experiences. Some of the initial projects: 

    1. PennVet Pet Behavior Portal. University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Center and Connect For Education are developing a canine behavioral web portal for dog owners and veterinarians. This project will demonstrate the feasibility and viability of using the PennVet Behavioral Portal to provide pet owners with an individualized analysis of pet behavioral issues and recommendations through a consultation between the in-state pet owners, out-of-state veterinarians, and PennVet behavioral specialists.
  • PennVet Working Dog Center. University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Center have agreed to develop and distribute a comprehensive Working Dog Practitioner Certificate program to provide an educational opportunity for veterinarians and eventually veterinary technicians to get specialized training in how to care for their working dog patients. Connect for Education will be the instructional design and learning technologies providers in this ground-breaking certificate program. 


  • Shelter Medicine. As of  January 2016,  PennVet  and Connect For Education have successfully launched a course titled, Student Surgical Opportunities. This course is offered to all UPenn vet school students and is described as follows:


    • SSO (Student Surgical Opportunities) I, II, & II is a comprehensive online curriculum that covers high-quality, high-volume surgical and anesthetic principles to properly prepare students for not only these experiences, but give them a better foundation for learning life-long skills and enhancing their surgical experience at Penn via authentic learning experiences. 

Connect For Education is very proud to count PennVet among our partners and collaborators in extending the reach of exceptional learning experiences.