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OnMusic Conducting: Connect to the Sound is the complete conducting textbook and resource pack for your introductory conducting course for Music and Music Education majors.


OnMusic Conducting: Connect to the Sound is a new and innovative approach to conducting pedagogy, with comprehensive coverage of key competencies including: leadership, somatic methodology, baton technique, score literacy, prep & analysis, rehearsal methods, emotional vocabulary, and more. Written by Maestro and Professor Paul HostetterConnect to the Sound features a complete web-based text, extensive streaming music, integrated video library, innovative video assessment technology, comprehensive assignments, quizzes and exams, music scores & parts, instructor’s guide, and more.

This webtext features seamless integration of text, music, and testing – designed for the utmost instructor efficiency and best possible student experience. Read about the C4E difference here. Review today for adoption tomorrow!

Table of Contents

Part 1:

  • Introduction and Leadership
  • Leadership Assignment
  • Somatic Methodology
  • Beat Patterns

Part 2:

  • Instrument Transpositions
  • Practice Exercises
  • Transpositions Quiz
  • Body Opening Information
  • Beat Patterns Review
  • Polymeters

Part 3:

  • Score Order
  • Cueing and Left Hand/Right Hand Exercises
  • Expressive Conducting Through Gesture (Laban/Saito Method)

Part 4:

  • Orchestration Knowledge of Conductors
  • Left Hand/Right Hand Independence Exercises
  • Orchestration Quiz

Part 5:

  • Preparation Methodology
  • Formal Analysis – Beethoven
  • Marked Scores
  • Emotional Vocabulary
  • Polyrhythms and Metric Modulation
  • Polymeters

Part 6:

  • Fermatas
  • Rehearsal Methodology
  • Conducting Checklist
  • Conducting Rubric
  • Midterm Exam
  • First Round Excerpt List

Part 7:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 1
  • Self-Evaluation 1

Part 8:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 1 (cont.)
  • Self-Evaluation 1 (cont.)
  • Second Round Excerpt List

Part 9:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 2
  • Self-Evaluation 2

Part 10:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 2 (cont.)
  • Self-Evaluation 2 (cont.)
  • Third Round Excerpt List

Part 11:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 3
  • Self-Evaluation 3

Part 12:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Conducting Assessment 3 (cont.)
  • Self-Evaluation 3 (cont.)

Part 13:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Fourth Round Excerpt List
  • Conducting Assessment 4
  • Self-Evaluation 4

Part 14:

  • Conducting Assessment 4 (cont.)
  • Self-Evaluation 4 (cont.)
  • Review Professional Videos
  • Artist Profiles

Part 15:

  • Artist Profiles
  • Fifth Round Excerpt List
  • Conducting Assessment 5
  • Self-Evaluation 5

Part 16:

  • Conducting Assessment 5 (cont.)
  • Self-Evaluation 5 (cont.)


Academically rigorous, yet accessible and designed for the web, we deliver a complete text with the most music for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face course. No other publisher has been creating online resources for college music as long as C4E.

  • A complete conducting methods title in the form of an interactive web textbook
  • Unique media rich approach to the art of conducting
  • Engaging and practical syllabus and assessment tools
  • Top quality instructor and student support, free-of-charge


Scores & Parts – Includes 50 scores for printing or viewing online – 25 instrumental and 25 choral. Instrumental scores come with parts in common transpositions. Click here for a list.

Streaming and downloadable recordings – Complete recordings for all 50 included choral and instrumental scores.

Integrated video library – Includes 47 exclusive videos made specifically for this title, plus many embedded YouTube videos as additional teaching/learning resources.

Innovative video assessment technology – Incorporates Acclaim, a powerful, web-based video tool for presentation, assessment, and collaboration.

Also Includes:

  • Lesson Overview and Learning Objectives for each chapter
  • Keyword lists and study tools
  • Artist profiles
  • NY Philharmonic Archive of Marked Scores
  • Assignments, quizzes and exams, including homework and handouts
  • Instructor’s Guide – comprehensive guide for daily and weekly activities



  • ISBN: 978-0-9839707-8-1
  • Retail Price: $99.95
  • Wholesale Price: $85.00

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