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OnMusic Appreciation is an easy-to-use, turn-key music appreciation textbook solution for your appreciation course. This online music appreciation textbook features seamless integration of text, music, and testing: designed for maximum instructor efficiency and the best possible student experience. Read about the C4E difference here.


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OnMusic Appreciation is a digital music appreciation textbook solution for an online or face-to-face music appreciation course that fits in with, and complements existing teaching and learning workflows. OnMusic Appreciation features a complete and rigorous textbook online, and a comprehensive set of discipline specific learning tools, assignments, and assessments. Built into our fully supported platform, all course elements are integrated and easy-to-use.
Online Music Appreciation Textbook
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Intended to develop critical listening skills and a deeper understanding of the elemental and structural nature of music, OnMusic Appreciation is a digital music appreciation textbook that explores how music is made, and how music has developed as an art form woven into the rich context of history. Designed for the non-music major, this title covers a wide variety of musical styles and genres, fostering attentive, intelligent listening with more than 36 hours of music. Click to launch an interactive instant preview.

Great for an online, face-face, or a hybrid course, OnMusic Appreciation offers a robust and integrated set of digital content and instructional tools designed to make learning accessible and enjoyable for your students. Our music appreciation textbook is designed to engage a broad spectrum of learners and learning styles. Review today for adoption tomorrow!


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Table of Contents

Music Appreciation


Class 1: Unity and Variety

  • Unity and Variety
  • Assignment 1: Identify Musical Ideas
  • Unity and Variety Assessment

Class 2: The Performer’s Role

  • The Performer’s Role
  • Performer’s Role Assessment

Class 3: Structure of Music

  • Structure of Music
  • Structure of Music Assessment

Class 4: Can Music Have A Specific Purpose?

  • Can Music Have A Specific Purpose?
  • Purpose of Music Assessment

Class 5: Types of Listeners

  • Types of Listeners
  • Casual Listeners
  • Referential Listeners
  • Critical and Perceptive Listeners
  • Types of Listeners Assessment
  • Assignment 2: Listening

Class 6: Folk Music, Art Music, and All That Jazz

  • Folk Music, Art Music, and All That Jazz
  • Folk Music, Art Music, and All That Jazz Assessment
  • Assignment 3: Analysis


Class 7: Duration and Pitch

  • Duration and Pitch 1
  • Duration and Pitch 2
  • Duration Assessment
  • Pitch Assessment

Class 8: Naming Pitches

  • Naming Pitches
  • Naming Pitches Assessment

Class 9: Notating Pitches and Intervals

  • Notating Pitches and Intervals
  • Notating Pitches Assessment
  • Intervals
  • Intervals Assessment

Class 10: Volume

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Volume Assessment

Class 11: Instrumental Timbre

  • Instrumental Timbre
  • Instrumental Timbre Assessment

Class 12: Vocal Timbre

  • Vocal Timbre 1
  • Vocal Timbre 2
  • Vocal Timbre Assessment

Class 13: Orchestral Timbres

  • Orchestral Timbres 1
  • Orchestral Timbres 2
  • Orchestral Timbres Assessment

Class 14: Strings

  • Strings
  • Strings Assessment

Class 15: Woodwinds

  • Woodwinds 1
  • Woodwinds 2
  • Woodwinds 3
  • Woodwinds Assessment

Class 16: Brass

  • Brass 1
  • Brass 2
  • Brass Assessment

Class 17: Percussion

  • Percussion 1
  • Percussion 2
  • Percussion Assessment

Class 18: Keyboard Instruments

  • Keyboard Instruments
  • Keyboard Assessment
  • The Harpsichord
  • Harpsichord Assessment
  • Piano
  • Piano Assessment

Class 19: Organ

  • The Organ
  • Organ Assessment

Class 20: Synthesizer

  • The Synthesizer
  • Synthesizer Assessment
  • Assignment 4: Research Your Favorite Instrument On The Web

Class 21: Midterm Exam

  • Midterm Exam


Class 22: Rhythm and Tempo

  • Rhythm 1
  • Rhythm 2
  • Tempo 1
  • Tempo 2
  • Assignment 5: Concert Attendance Report

Class 23: Meter

  • Meter 1
  • Meter 2
  • Rhythm, Tempo, Meter Assessment

Class 24: Melody I

  • Melody 1
  • Melody 2
  • Melody 3

Class 25: Melody II

  • Melody 4
  • Melody 5
  • Melody 6
  • Melody Assessment

Class 26: Harmony

  • Harmony 1
  • Harmony 2
  • Harmony Assessment

Class 27: Texture

  • Texture 1
  • Texture 2
  • Texture Assessment

Class 28: Form

  • Form 1
  • Form 2
  • Form 3
  • Form Assessment


Class 29: Medieval Period

  • Medieval Period: Introduction
  • Medieval Period Listening Introduction
  • Social, Cultural and Political Background
  • Musical Notation and Main Characteristics

Class 30: Medieval Sacred and Secular Music

  • Medieval Sacred Music
  • Representative Sacred Music Composers
  • Medieval Secular Music
  • Medieval Period Assessment

Class 31: Renaissance Period

  • Renaissance Period: Introduction
  • Interactive Renaissance Period Map
  • Renaissance Period Listening Introduction
  • Renaissance Period Background
  • Renaissance Music Characteristics

Class 32: Renaissance Sacred and Secular Music

  • Renaissance Sacred Music
  • Renaissance Secular Music
  • Representative Renaissance Composers 1
  • Representative Renaissance Composers 2
  • Renaissance Period Assessment

Class 33: Baroque Period

  • Baroque Period: Introduction
  • Baroque Interactive Map
  • Baroque Period Listening Introduction
  • Baroque Period Background
  • Baroque Music Characteristics 1
  • Baroque Music Characteristics 2
  • Origins of Opera: The Florentine Camerata

Class 34: Baroque Period

  • Introduction to Church Music
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Monteverdi, Lully, and Purcell
  • Baroque Secular Cantata
  • Baroque Oratorio and George Frideric Handel
  • Baroque Concerto
  • Baroque Ensemble and Keyboard Music
  • Baroque Keyboard Music (cont.)
  • Baroque Period Assessment

Class 35: Classical Period

  • Classical Period: Introduction
  • Interactive Classical Map
  • Classical Period Listening Introduction
  • Classical Period Background
  • Aspects of Art in the Classical Period
  • Classical Period Music Characteristics
  • The Sonata-Allegro Form
  • Classical Instrumental Music
  • Classical Vocal Music

Class 36: Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven

  • Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven
  • Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • W. A. Mozart: Representative Works
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Beethoven: Representative Works
  • Classical Period Assessment

Class 37: Romantic Period

  • Romantic Period: Introduction
  • Interactive Romantic Period Map
  • Romantic Period Listening Introduction
  • Romantic Period Background 1
  • Romantic Period Background 2
  • Aspects of Art in the Romantic Period
  • Romantic Music Characteristics 1
  • Romantic Music Characteristics 2

Class 38: Early Romantic Composers

  • Early Romantic Composers
  • Early Romantic Composers
  • Program Music and Virtuosos
  • Rossini and Italian Opera
  • Johannes Brahms
  • Tchaikovsky and the Nationalists
  • Late Romantic Composers
  • The Post-Romantics
  • Romantic Period Assessment

Class 39: Contemporary Period

  • Contemporary Period: Introduction
  • Viewing American Contemporary Composer Interactive Map
  • Contemporary Period Listening Introduction
  • Contemporary Period Background
  • Contemporary Music Characteristics
  • The Breakdown of Tonality
  • French Impressionism
  • The Folk Tradition, Nationalism, and Neoclassicism

Class 40: Europe, The United States, and Latin America

  • Europe, The United States, and Latin America
  • Russia
  • The United States
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Latin America
  • Serialism and Aleatoric Music
  • A Brief Look at Jazz
  • Contemporary Period Assessment
  • Music Appreciation Textbook – Conclusion

Class 40: FINAL EXAM

  • Music Appreciation Textbook

Contents & Features

  • Academically rigorous, yet accessible and designed for the web, we deliver a complete music appreciation textbook, and the most music for your online, hybrid, or face-to-face music course.
  • With C4E, your music appreciation textbook is fully configured as a course to your specifications. Our highly accessible, expert support team is there for you and your students every step of the way.
  • Result: seamless and efficient teaching experience for you, and a richer learning experience for your students.

OnMusic Appreciation Table of Contents


  • Music – Contains over 400 complete pieces – streaming right out of the pages. No other textbook (at any price) includes more music, and no other publisher has better implementation.
  • Music Forever - Your students can download and keep all the music from our Music Appreciation title – over 36 hours. It is a solid library of masterworks that they can return to again and again, and it can become a gateway to further discovery.
  • Online Music Dictionary - Only OnMusic titles offer integrated access to the Online Music Dictionary. This rich resource and C4E exclusive provides definitions, pronunciations, images, audio and much more.
  • Discover Video – Videos in every chapter reinforce student understanding and engagement. Our video applet keeps students on the page and on task.
  • Graphical Listening Guides – Our listening guides are highly interactive and easy to understand. Like everything else in OnMusic Appreciation, they are fully integrated, making for an uninterrupted, logical, and focused student experience. click here for a complete list of listening guides.
  • Tests & Quizzes – Our online music appreciation textbook contains a comprehensive set of auto-graded quizzes and tests with test banks and anti-cheating measures built in. All testing is fully integrated and flows naturally from the text.
  • Interactive Period Maps - The text includes complete sets of interactive maps of the historical, geographical, and musical perspectives of composers and their works.
  • Meet the Composer - The text contains composer profiles, including text, graphic, and musical information on pages where composers or their works are discussed.


Online Music Appreciation Textbook
Music Appreciation Textbook Online
Music Appreciation Textbook
Music Appreciation Textbook Blackboard
Music Appreciation Online Resources
Music Dictionary Online
Music Listening Guide Online
Music Appreciation Course Materials
Music Appreciation Online Textbook
Music Appreciation Fundamentals


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