Our number one priority is making sure that the instructors and students we serve are successful and satisfied with every aspect of their experience with our products. While our extremely responsive support team is here to help you every step of the way, we created this FAQ to provide answers to some of the most common questions we receive from professors, academic technology staff, and college administrators. Student help is available on the Student Support Pages.

What is a webtext?

Connect For Education’s Webtexts are like no other Web-based textbooks or courseware. Please visit here to learn more.  Even better, let us send you a login for full faculty access to review one or more webtexts so you can experience it for yourself.

What is the difference between an eBook and your webtexts?

An eBook is an electronic ‘version’ of a printed book, while our webtexts are developed for web delivery from concept to release. Unlike eBooks, our webtexts are designed and developed to be completely integrated and robust learning environments that include various types of interactivities, relevant multimedia resources, and subject matter specific learning and assessment tools. Furthermore, our webtexts focus on empowering instructors with tools to analyze students’ performances and track progress, encouraging them to individualize the material in multiple ways, and helping them with every aspect of customization. Read about the C4E difference here, and come discover why over 95% of our students and instructors rate our content and service as exceptional.

How do I review a title? Do you have desk copies?

It is easy to review any of our webtext titles. Simply complete our brief reviewer request form, and you will receive your access information right away.

How do I adopt a C4E webtext for a course I am teaching?

We have streamlined this process to make it simple for you.

  1. Fill out the course setup form.
  2. Send the ISBN number to your bookstore as you would with any other textbook, or send the URL of our online store to your students.
  3. We will build your course with our webtext and take care of everything for you and your students so you can focus on teaching.

Can I customize a webtext?

Yes, our webtexts are fully customizable. Once your course site has been set up, please contact our support team at support@connect4education.com or by phone at (703) 880-1180 x200 Monday – Friday from 9AM-6PM EST with any modifications you need made.

How much are your webtexts?

Prices vary by webtext titles. Please check the Connect For Education online store (https://www.store.connect4education.com) for pricing information. We are proud to be able to offer all that we do while remaining price competitive. In many titles, our webtext prices are less than the prices of traditional textbook packages.

Does student access expire?

No, student access does not expire. Unlike all other publishers, we offer our students and instructors continued access for as long as the webtext titles are offered.

Where do I find the ISBN?

You can find the ISBN for each course listed in the “Adopt & Setup” tab of the respective product page. Ordering information for your bookstore can also be found here .

What if I (or my students) need help?

Our outstanding and dedicated support team is here for you and your students every step of the way.

How will students access a C4E webtext?

  1. Students purchase the webtext access code from the campus bookstore or from our online store.
  2. Students register the purchased access code on the C4E registration site.
  3. At the end of the registration process, students will be directed to the webtext login page where they can access the material immediately.
  4. For campus hosted webtexts, students will be instructed accordingly.

Are resources available to help me learn how to administer my webtext?

Please visit the Instructor Help Pages to learn about the administrative functions available to you when using a Connect For Education webtext.

How do I access multiple webtexts?

You can easily switch between your webtexts by clicking the Switch Courses/My Courses function on the navigation bar.

How do I setup a course in Blackboard?

Currently, OnMusic Appreciation, OnMusic of the World, OnMusic Jazz Second Edition, and Understanding Nutrition and Well-Being are available for Blackboard. To set up your Blackboard course, please complete the Blackboard Course Setup Form.

What if my school pays for textbooks?

We are able to provide schools with a bulk of access codes for distribution. We accept purchase orders or credit cards directly from the school. Please contact our Orders Department at orders@connect4education.com or (703) 880-1180 x111 for more information.

Can a C4E representative visit my campus and give me an overview/demonstration?

Yes! We love to visit campuses and meet professors and instructors (many of us were once college instructors ourselves). Just shoot us an email or give us a call to arrange that. maria@connect4education.com or give us a call  (703) 880-1180 x130.

Is there a (printed) book?

We want to save the environment, so we do not offer printed books. However, we do make downloading and printing possible, especially when our titles are used as materials in face-to-face classes. Some instructors request that we enable this feature to print assignments, homework, tests, worksheets, etc.

Can the students buy used codes or resell their access to your webtexts?

No. Once a code has been registered, it cannot be used again. (Registered students are allowed to retake a course using the same access code, but they cannot transfer the access code to another individual.)

What additional instructor resources are available?

Instructors love what we offer and often do not require additional resources to implement the material. However, if and when needed, we are happy to provide instructor orientation materials, schedule webinars, or hold face-to-face training sessions for an individual or a group of instructors and/or administrators.

Which schools have adopted your titles?

We have a partial list of colleges and universities where our titles are, and have been used.

Can I get references to other instructors teaching your courses?

Of course. Just email or give us a call (703) 880-1180 x130.