who we are

Connect for Education is an independent, academic publisher. Since 2001, we have evolved the college textbook with an all-digital approach. Along with our dynamic titles, we provide exceptional service to instructors and students.


what we do

We create the intersection of content & platform into an easy-to-use and connected textbook solution for today's busy instructors and students. Our webtexts engage students and simplify course management for online, hybrid or face-to-face courses.


who are our customers

Our titles have been used by thousands of professors in all types of colleges and universities. Adopted like a textbook, we offer webtexts in a select, but growing number of disciplines. C4E also partners with colleges to create custom solutions.

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Take your classroom to the 21st century.

Connect For Education is dedicated to developing the best interactive web-based courses. Using the latest multimedia and Internet technologies, you and your students get a unique educational experience with total freedom and flexibility.